Tropical Destination Wedding in Chicago – Photoshoot


I was elated when I received a call from Laura Wrasman, the publisher of the Chicago Wedding Guide Magazine and Barb Montagano, director of sales, regarding placing an inspirational wedding reception design in the Party Scape section of the 24th annual celebration, of the best Chicago comprehensive wedding source magazine.

The Windermere Elegant Weddings Team inspiration for the Party Scape, in the Chicago Wedding Guide Magazine, came from the warm tropical elements of the Caribbean Islands with rich colorful flowers, beautiful clear seas, and warm romantic sunsets. Windermere Elegant Weddings feels that if a couple cannot host their DREAM wedding in their favourite destination, we can assist couples in creating a beach wedding like those on beaches in the Caribbean island of Turk & Caicos or Jamaica.  We can even replicate the wine countries of California or the Smoky Mountains for your special day.

We created the theme “Tropical Wedding without leaving Chicago” for the Party Scape Chicago Wedding Guide Magazine, by combining tropical flowers, lively linens, stunning stationery, elegant place settings, and scrumptious beautiful desserts.   Our photo shoot took place on the roof top of the National Hellenic Museum.  In helping to create this elegant and fun Party Scape photo shoot I worked with some of the fineness vendors in Chicago:

Photoshoot Colors:Red, Orange, Teal, Royal Blue and Yellow

National Hellenic Museum

Brittany Milovanovic,
Brittany Lynn Studios

Elysia Root Cakes

Invitations & Favors:
Carol Woldhuis Designs

City ViewFlowersTable and Chicago

Flowers and GlassesInvites and Flowers