Top Trends 2014


According to the Wedding Guide:

Matchy- Matchy is out

Personalizing your wedding has always been the goal –of course.  Brides are now mixing the old with the new, classic with outrageous!

Formal is back!

Last year rustic is still going strong but it is going to be outshined by glam-glam-glam.  Prepare for receptions awash in black and white, gold accents, Downton-esque table settings and elegance at every turn.

Blue-Ribbon Wedding

Blue has always represent depth and stability—a perfect metaphor for your nuptial and one of the major color shifts this year.  Pantone is seeing Monaco Blue, which will make your groom happy, blend with mid-tones of aqua, teal, peacock, or turquoise.  If you really want to light up your theme, use an opposing color; barely –there yellow, for instance, for accents.

Guests come to see you…So let them!

Many couples are exchanging their vows facing the guests, rather than with their backs to them.  It is a loving way for the family and friends to really share in the personal commitment being made rather than focusing on the officiant.

All is not gold that Glitters

Sometimes it’s sinfully delicious! Gold will be showing up in fashion, décor, and of course, cakes.  Consider gold floral designs for the topper, or baroque edges and accents.  Make a bold statement with all-over gold fondant and a vibrant pop of violet or pink for your topper.




Fashion Forward?  Think Retro.

Vintage will still be popular in 2014 but start thinking “extreme” embellishment and high-tech.  Check out the new laser-cut laces, enabling the designer to create precision designs on all types of fabric.


While Instagram is there for you every day, you’ll want a wedding photographer to create professional vintage effect, created digitally, adds wash-out tones of red or yellow to the photograph, giving it an old-fashioned look.  You don’t need to make your wedding “retro” to enjoy photos that are.

Can your IPod replace a DJ?

Well, no consider the DJ your emcee, your sound weddings to know the flow of the action.  They troubleshoot and maintain the energy.  Most DJs are experienced diplomats and if you establish a good relationship, you are likely to have the right selections at the right time, as well as professional equipment and audio to back you up.



Drive it like you own it.

Well, at least for one day.  Get on the phone now and reserve an antique before they’re booked.  Cadillac, Bentley, and Rolls Royce have always been the choice for the super wealthy (and don’t you deserve it just once?) and the professional driver will take the stress out of getting you there on time.

What’s old is always in

There are many creative way to get the virtual word out.  But etiquette never goes out of style and there is nothing like a handwritten note to up the intimacy quotient.  You may have a budget for butterflies I each gold-etched calligraphy, invitation package, but hand addressed envelopes, and handwritten thank you cards, tell guests they are special to you.

Lash but not Least

You may not ever worn them, but you will love yourself for getting an expert lash job for your big day.

For these and more about trends for your wedding in 2014 contact us, Windermere Elegant Weddings to guide you for creating your special day.