The History of the Flower Girl through the Ages


Beyond the stunning beauty of the bride, few things steal our hearts more at a wedding than an adorable flower girl. Her flowy white dress and sweet smile can be a welcomed addition to any bridal party.  The rich history of the flower girl is one that dates back over a thousand years to ancient Rome.   Since then many cultures have continued to include the flower girl in their marriage ceremonies.  Although her style and accessories may have changed throughout the centuries, her innocence and beauty continues to warm the hearts of both the couple and wedding guests alike.

Ancient Rome
The earliest age of which there is reference of a flower girl is ancient Rome.  The flower girls would walk down the aisle with bounties of wheat and herbs to bless the couple with prosperity and fertility.  Today’s modern flower girl can mimic this tradition by carrying a bouquet made of wheat and lavender sprigs or even colorful daises.


The Middle Ages
During the Middle Ages, also known as the medieval times,  flower girls often carried with them garlic.  The garlic was used to ward off evil spirits from the ceremony and the couple.  Although pungent smelling, a small garlic bloom could be incorporated into a fragrant bouquet to pay homage to this interesting tradition.

Elizabethan Era
The Elizabethan era was a time of pure opulence and beauty.  The bride’s path from her home to the church would be lined with petals.  The flower girl would carry a silver bride’s cup ornamented with ribbons and follow musicians as they proceeded to the church.  She would also have a gilded rosemary branch with her.  If you would like to add some of these touches to your day use a beautiful silver cup in lieu of a basket to carry the petals or include rosemary sprigs into the flower girl’s hair wreath.

Victorian Era
If you had to pick an era which most closely resembled today’s flower girl it would be the Victorian period.  During this time, the flower girls often wore white dresses with colorful sashes of silk or satin.  They carried with them baskets of beautiful flowers or a decorated floral hoop.  Today’s tradition of a floral head wreath is reminiscent of this decorated hoop.

Whether she is carrying a garlic bouquet or a silver bridal cup including a flower girl in your special day is a wonderful touch. For more creative ideas on how to incorporate age-old customs into your ceremony, contact the team at Windermere.   We specialize in helping couples tie cultural traditions into their wedding day.