The History Behind Three of the Most Popular Wedding Traditions


Many couples see their wedding as the perfect opportunity to incorporate their personal religious and cultural beliefs into a momentous occasion.  Not only can these rituals be a wonderful way to honor family that has gone before but they also can add great meaning to an already special day.  Here are a few of the most common wedding traditions and the roots behind them.

Breaking of glass
The breaking of glass during a wedding is common in traditional Jewish ceremonies.  Some believe this long-held tradition is done in remembrance of the destruction of Jerusalem’s Great Temple in A.D. 70.  Others believe the breaking of glass has more of a symbolic meaning reminding the couple that joy should always be tempered.  While this tradition may have somber roots, today’s guests shout “mazel tov!” with great joy as they stomp on plates and cups.

Something old, Something new… Something borrowed, Something blue
This tradition finds its roots in an Old English nursery rhyme dating back to 1898.  This folklore recites as “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”  It is also where the tradition of a penny in a bride’s shoe comes from.  Although there are many theories as to the meaning behind each piece, many believe the something old represents holding onto family traditions, something new as the start of a communion of two, something borrowed as the sharing of another couple’s good fortune, something blue as a symbol of purity and love, and the sixpence as a wish of prosperity for the couple.

Jumping the broom
While many believe jumping the broom is indicative of an African American wedding, this tradition has also been found in a number of other cultures including the Celts and Romanians.  Its rise in African American culture grew when enslaved men and women, who were legally not allowed to marry, leapt the broom as a symbol of their union as husband and wife.

Cultural traditions can be a wonderful way to incorporate family heritage or religious beliefs into your wedding day.  Partner with the team at Windermere Elegant Weddings to ensure your wedding has those personal touches you are looking for.  Whether you want to include a traditional dance, a modern custom, or a religious ceremonial rite, we can help plan and coordinate your day to perfection. Contact our team  today to learn more about our personalized wedding services.

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