RSVP Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with the Slow to RSVP Wedding Invite


Wedding etiquette is changing all of the time, as any couple currently planning a wedding can attest to. One of the areas that can be a little confusing is the wedding RSVP how your guests should respond to their invitation.

In a world where physical mail is becoming something of a rarity, just how can you increase the response rate to your invitations and keep the number of surprise guests who turn up on the day to a minimum? Here are a few do's, don'ts and tips to help you:

Do get your timing right

The general rule of thumb when wedding invitations should be sent is eight weeks. Mail them any sooner and they may end up lost and forgotten in some of your guests' 'to do’ mail pile. Any later and you, yourself may not have enough time to track down those who fail to reply on time or make changes to your plans based on the final response rate.

Do Ditch the wordy RSVP

Yes, there really are people who do not know what RSVP actually means. Therefore make your wording a little clearer and more precise; 'please respond by' or  ‘circle Yes or NO’ may be better alternatives and both are pretty clear!

Don't Forget to Make the RSVP Date Prominent

Some invited guests manage to get it into their heads that they only need to respond to your invitation if they will not be attending.  Therefore make the response date as prominent as possible. If the date itself is lost in a sea of text it is more likely that some people will miss the point and assume that by their silence your crystal ball will tell you that why yes, they are attending.


Do Offer Alternate Ways to RSVP

There are lots of people who haven't purchased a stamp in years let alone been anywhere near a post office, or even a mailbox, to send out their own mail. That is why, whatever the etiquette people say, it is best to offer an alternate means of response to snail mail. Offer the option of responding via email, or via your wedding website. It is not as exciting for you as opening up those reply cards but if it gets more people to actually respond then so be it.

Don't Be Afraid to Make Some Follow Up Phone Calls

If your wedding day is getting closer and you really need to finalize the count for guests who are slow in responding to your invitation then you may have to try reaching out to them again. Don't be afraid to make a few quick calls to the stragglers to help solve this dilemma. All in all, ensuring your final count will ultimately save you the stress of having to wonder whether or not they are coming and whether or not you will be able to give your caterer a final count in the days leading up to your wedding. And, as irritating as this may be to have to do, know that you are not alone, as out of all the couples our Windermere wedding planners have assisted, there are always at least a few guests that unintentionally forget or don’t really take into consideration how not responding adds to the stress of the couple getting married. The call does not have to sound bossy or accusatory, just a quick "hi, how are you and oh by the way can we look forward to