Practical Ideas for Great Destination Wedding Gifts


Destination weddings are an increasingly popular choice for couples, and when it comes to gifts the concept has raised an ever-growing question in the minds of both the couple getting married and their guests. “Given all the travel and lodging expenses a guest incurs to attend a destination wedding, do you expect your guests to spend the same amount of money on shower and wedding gifts as the traditional, close to home wedding and reception?

The Emily Post Institute, considered the definitive authority for the past 90 years on wedding etiquette has addressed this question in light of the ever growing popularity of destination weddings. Emily Post, answers that Yes, a wedding invitation in itself implies a gift is expected but considering the time away from work and possibly bringing or leaving your children in the care of others and the added expenses of traveling, a gift for a destination wedding does not have to be expensive!

Some of the most fun and useful gifts we found are great for their destination wedding and beyond. Emily Post advises that when picking out gifts for a destination wedding, couples registries or guests’ gift choices can be more fun, and  ‘outside the box' of tradition.

Where should Destination Wedding Couples Register?

As the most useful gifts are likely to be travel related - and keeping inexpensive in mind - registering at a big general department store may not be the best way to go. If you are a rather active, outdoorsy type couple  (even if that activity is on the golf course) then registering at a specialty store like REI is an excellent idea. On the other hand, if you are a couple that loves the beach, then or a similar specialty store may be worth exploring. Even if everyone is heading to an all-inclusive resort there are still plenty of other products that can make the trip even more fun and practical.

What Are Some Fun Gifts for Guests to purchase if the couple does not have a registry? Big, bulky gifts are out, as most couples have very limited luggage space, especially if flying. Here are some of our favorites that couples can register for or guests can gift in lieu of a registry.

Consider having your guests take care of some of the small practicalities for you via the gift registry, especially if you are flying and headed out of the country. Travel chargers, luggage tags (nice ones of course, you can request some of those rather cool personalized ones if you like) TSA compliant toiletry containers (not very glamorous, but a must) and other little necessities.


On the fun side a waterproof, shockproof camera might be a good idea especially if snorkeling and scuba diving are on the agenda, or a set of waterproof cases to protect your tablets and/or smartphones (because you know you aren't leaving those behind) are worth adding to your wish list as well. For golfers, a gadget like the Garmin Golf GPS is a great choice.

For the guest who wants to get the happy couple something very special though, they could consider paying for an experience for them to enjoy while they are on their trip. Even if the nuptials are being held at an all-inclusive resort, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any add on services the newlyweds might enjoy. Things like spa treatments, day trips and excursions all usually come with extra charges attached. Purchasing one of these extras for a couple to enjoy would be a thoughtful gift, but still one that shouldn't break the bank.  …And if all fails you can give the couple just plain cash!

Stay tuned for our next post as we showcase Windermere’s own favorite destination wedding gifts.