Planning to lose a few pounds before your Wedding Day?


Here are a few suggestions.

Just like you plan to have a DREAM wedding you must plan to lose weight and look your best on your special day.

Diets and excises alone will not get you healthy and strong, but with the right combined program you are sure to reach your healthy life goals.

Having a Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer alone with eating well, can help you reach your wedding day weight goal as well as developing those sexy arms, chest, and butt.

Personal trainers from Hunt Club Fitness Center and FitNation and a personal trainer from All Three Fitness  will show you how:

Mary Sample an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and Jacki Kreis, an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group fitness Instructor and Elliott Woodard, Director and Chief Instructor, a Marine Corps veteran, a former Chicago Police Dept. Tactical, Violent Crimes and Narcotics investigator, trained and mentored privately by Paul Vunak, president and founder of Progressive Fighting Systems and the Descendants of The Masters and protege of Dan Inosanto say; they can help a bride or groom get fit to have firmer beautiful arms, a slimmer waist a rippling six pack stomach, firm hips and feel stronger in six weeks.

“Strength training and core work are vital for overall health and for a sculpted, toned body”  While aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular function and burns calories, working with weights and resistance builds muscle mass, creating tight smooth toned looking muscles we all want.  Additionally, a muscular body will burn calories around the clock versus a body with less lean masculine mass.  The reason for this is that muscle is a dense, active tissue that requires constant maintenance and therefore   higher metabolism – which translates to additional calorie burn throughout the day!

The exercises you see in the photos don't all rely on weights, but they do have the effect of building muscle and strengthening the core.  Your core is comprised of the muscles in your mid-section; i.e. abdominals, obliques, lower back, etc.  A strong core will give you better posture and a center of strength--so that you will look tall and lean handsome and lovely in your wedding attire!

Chiropractic weight loss program

Dr. Brian Kelchen a certificated chiropractic from Libertyville Wellness Group,  offers an Ideal Protein Medically supervised diet program where he states:

This is NOT a high protein diet, it is just the recommended daily amount of protein in a six week program – no cheating- where Women can lose 3-5 lbs. per week every week with no plateau and Men can lose 5-7 lbs. a week.  Dr Brian will also teach you how to keep the weigh off.

Dr. Brian Kelchen is dedicated to helping his patient by education them on the power of chiropractic and diet and helping them to reach their optimal level of wellness.

Contact Dr. Brian Kelchen - for more information on reaching your ideal weight goal. 319-480-2978

Bio-Identical Hormones weight lose

Dr. James Lowry MD, career begin as a Board Certificated Specialties in Obstetrics and Gynecology and now highly trained and practices as a specialized natural Bio-Identical Hormones Therapy.

Dr. Lowry states: We lose valuable hormones as we get older which can affect our weight loss and therefore a hormone therapy program replenishes the hormones our body need to function properly.  Dr. James Lowery also integrate nutrition and fitness to help you to reach your maximum health and weight.

To learn more about Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy replacement and weight loss contact Dr. James Lowry 847-864-5575, 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook, Il.

A final note for men… this is your special day as well as your brides’ so do not wait start now on developing that “V” shape upper body and rock solid abs.

A final note for the ladies… working with weights and resistance and diet will not turn a woman into Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't worry!  Unless a woman takes testosterone or steroid supplements, she will not get large and bulky from developing stronger muscles.  She likely will, however, get stronger, leaner and more sculpted for a stunning look on her wedding day!