Memorable Ways to include Mom in the Wedding


Few people in our lives show us as much love and care as our mothers.  While weddings are wonderful celebrations of the bond between a couple, they also offer a great opportunity to express gratitude to the ones who have supported us throughout the years.  With Mother’s Day almost here, take time to thank your mom in a very heartfelt way by including her in your special day.

Here are some ways to make every mother feel loved:

- Shop with mom for her dress – A women who feels beautiful and confident in her outfit will have a great time at any event she is attending.  Help your mother or mother-in-law look and feel great by helping pick out her perfect dress for the special day.  It can be a wonderful time for bonding as you shop the stores together.

- Acknowledge her in print – Want to give your mother the ultimate shout-out?  A special acknowledgement in the wedding program can be the ideal way to thank her and tell her how much she is loved.

- A thoughtful gift is always best – Tokens of appreciation for parents are often hard to figure out.  How do you say “thank you” to someone that has been such a huge part of your life?  The best way to show your appreciation is with a thoughtful gift.  Think back to special memories you share, things she loves, or sentimental notions for gift ideas.  Keep in mind these gifts are not about the cost but rather the thought and love behind them.

- Include her in the ceremony – Including the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom in the ceremony is a great representation of the idea of two becoming one.  Two families joining to form a timeless bond.  It also is a sentimental way to give mom a special role for the ceremony itself.  Lighting the unity candle or pouring sand during a sand ceremony are both great ways to honor her during the nuptials.

- Honoring mothers who have passed – One of the toughest parts of any wedding is missing those who have passed.  Honor a mother’s loving spirit by including her memory in your special day.  One way to do this is by displaying a picture of the two of you at the ceremony or reception.  You could also leave a chair at the ceremony empty representing her presence or incorporate her favorite flower into the bride’s bouquet.

No matter your approach including mom in your wedding can create lasting memories and cherished moments.  At Windermere, we know how important family is to both the wedding planning and the day itself.  For this reason, we help our clients include loved ones in their special day with ways that feel most comfortable for them.