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  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 |
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Brown eyes are anything but dull. Flecked with amber, black, or honey, as light as syrup or as dark as hickory nuts, brown eyes can be a labyrinth from which a lover never escapes. For your wedding day, take advantage of this oft-overlooked feature and choose an eye-makeup plan that makes your beautiful browns stand out. Here are a few great suggestions of how to make brown eyes sparkle on your big day.

Paint with all the Colors of the Wheel: A surprisingly large amount of eye shadow colors look great with brown eyes. Your selection will have a lot to do with the specific shade of your peepers, your skin tone, and the rest of your makeup look. If you have light brown or hazel eyes, opt for lighter colors that will highlight your striking eyes, rather than overwhelming them. Slate, apricot, and soft, warm pinks are a good choice. If you have amber or honey-colored flecks, definitely highlight them by using a pale gold or yellow shadow on the inside corner of your eyes. Girls with medium brown eyes can do wonders with the “opposites attract” rule of eye colors; be bold and use a pale blue shadow and a smoke grey contour to really light up the room. Dark-eyed brownies can get away with strong, bold colors, like emerald, mauve, and lavender. If you want a real contrast, however, emphasize the darkness by using lighter neutrals, like champagne and gold.

Get In Line: Eyeliner is an important tool for any brown-eyed girl. The key to making brown eyes sparkle is by playing up their tones and shades, rather than letting them muddle together. Choose an eyeliner that matches or enhances the flecks in your eyes. If you have green flecks, go for an olive or shimmering emerald. Honey and amber flecks? Choose bronze or brown. Girls with primarily dark eyes can emphasize the deep colors by going for a very dark brown or pure black eyeliner. If you want, choose a formula with some sparkle to break up the simple color for added emphasis.

Give Her Fifty Lashes: Just as important to choosing an eyeliner is picking  the right mascara. The key here is to avoid overwhelming the color while still adding an extra layer of emphasis to your eye color. As with eyeliners, let the shade of your eyes serve as a model. Light-eyed gals may want to opt for a light, shimmering brown, or even clear gold if they have thick lashes to begin with. For the medium brownie

go colorful with a coat of brown or black followed by a coat of green or mauve. Dark eyed girls can choose a glittering bronze or black, but just remember: The goal of mascara is to frame the eyes, not draw attention away from your irises. Choosing a hue much darker than your eye color risks pulling focus away from your pretty eyes and onto your less-interesting lashes


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