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  • Friday, December 11th, 2015 |
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With all that is involved in planning a wedding, it is easy to forget some simple but necessary legal matters. Windermere Elegant Weddings suggest that you don’t forget to consider or complete some of the following items.


Marriage license requirements are state-regulated and may be obtained from the County Clerk in most county courthouse.  There are things to consider:  Requirements vary from state to state and county to county

1. Apply for and paying the fee for the marriage license.  There is usually a waiting period before the license is valid and a limited time before it expires.
2. Meeting residency requirements for the state and/or county where the ceremony will take place.
3. Meeting the legal age requirements for both bride and groom or having parental consent.
4. Presenting any required identification, birth, baptismal certificates, marriage eligibility, or other documents.
5. In some states and /or counties obtaining a medical examination and/or blood test is required.

A written Will is important that both bride and groom should plan for – a Will is the legal instrument that permits a person, to make decisions on how his/her estate will be managed and distributed after his/her death.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between the bride and groom itemizing the property each brings into the marriage and explaining how those properties will be divided in case of divorce or death.  This fosters open communication and get a better idea of each other’s needs and expectations.
Tips; Some software package allow you to write your own Will and Prenuptial agreement, which will save you attorney’s fees.  However, if you decide to draw either agreement on your own, you should have an attorney review it.

Don’t forget to figure in the cost of taxes on all taxable items you purchases for your wedding.  Many people make a big mistake by not figuring out the taxes they will have to pay for their wedding expenses.  For example, if you are planning a reception for 250 guests with an estimated cost of $80.00 per person for food and beverages, your pretax expenses would be $2000.00.  A sales tax of 7.5% would mean an additional expense of $1,500.00!  Find out what the sales tax is in your area and which items are taxable and figure this expense into your overall budget.

You have been planning for your event for ever and to have it cancel for whatever reason could be devastating for most couples.  Wedding/Event insurance is a way to offset some of that devastation. Wedding insurance according to Jim Coronado an insurance broker at Insurance Counts,,  will help protect you from unforeseen issues that may arise such as; venue goes out of business, bridal shop closes, sudden illness or issues with vendors.   As you plan your wedding, Windermere Elegant Weddings will direct you with your insurance needs.

Miss, Ms. to Mrs. – The Name Change Checklist
Guys have it easy when they get married…life goes on.  Ladies on the other hand have to make a choice whether to keep their maiden name, take their husband’s name or hyphenate their maiden name and marriage name.  Once that choice is made, then the real work begins. Windermere Elegant Weddings suggest a list of documents that will need to be changed. But if you are planning a honeymoon after the wedding order your travel tickets using your maiden name because it will take time for certain documents to arrive.

Documents to Change

  • Social Security Card –
  • Driver’s License – Sect. of State
  • Passport –
  • Legal Contracts – Rental Agreement for apartment or House Deed
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank and Savings accounts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Last Will
  • Voter Registration
  • Post Office – change of name form
  • IRS
  • Employee records
For more tips on legal matters contact Windermere Elegant Weddings and let us assist you with your special event needs. 847-309-9478