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Wedding Invitations of Sarah and Trenton

Wedding Invitations Tips & Advice. One of the most important previews of your wedding is the invitation. Typically sent out two to three months ahead of time, a wedding invitation sets the tone and expectations for your special day. It’s the first impression your guests have on what they can expect to see at your event. Save the dates and invitations also serve the essential role of informing your guests on all the details they need to know. Follow the tips below to ensure your wedding stationary is a perfect match for your perfect day.

Save the Date
Many couples struggle with whether or not to send a save the date. Not only do they generate an additional expense, but also add yet another task to the long list of wedding to-dos. A save the date may be useful to send if:

  • Your wedding is far off in the future, typically a year or more
  • Your wedding is planned on or near a holiday weekend
  • Your guest list includes many people traveling from out-of-state to attend

Main Invitation
The main invitation is the most essential piece to get right. It not only sets the feel for the entire day, but also serves the purpose of providing your guests with the date, time and location of your nuptials. While the possibilities in how the invitation is designed are endless, here are a few things to consider when crafting it:

  • Write down your guest list before choosing your invitation. This will help you determine how many individual invitations you will need so you can select a design that fits within your budget.
  • Consider the size, thickness and shape of your invitation. All three of these aspects factor into the overall postage cost of sending it. For example, a square envelope costs 21 cents more to ship than a rectangular one. This may seem minimal but when multiplied by 150 invitations that equates to additional $31.50. Add a thicker bow and you are looking at an additional 30 cents or more…. per invitation!
  • Choose the right wording. Consider who’s hosting and the type of ceremony you are having to find the best way to phrase your invitation. For more tips, check out this post from The Knot.

RSVP’s are important for knowing who’s coming in a timely and organized way. While responding online is becoming increasingly popular, paper RSVP’s are still the best way to ensure you receive a response. Follow these rules when including an RSVP card:

  • Always include a “respond by” date. A general rule is two weeks before the nuptials.
  • Make it easy for guests to reply by including postage. This minimizes the risk of people forgetting the stamp and the RSVP getting lost in the mail.
  • To reduce costs use a postcard RSVP. They ship for 35 cents each compared to 49 cents for a standard envelope.

Supplemental Cards
Supplemental cards are all the additional pieces you include in your envelope such as directions, accommodation details and your wedding website address. They can help inform your guests of the significant details about the event. When including supplemental cards keep these tips in mind:

  • Combine information when it makes sense. The more individual pieces you have in the invitation the more likely your guests will miss something. Consider double-siding when possible. Pocket invitations are also a great way to keep all the components together in one pretty package.
  • More bulk equals more postage. The heavier your envelope is the more you will pay in shipping costs. Print supplements on lightweight card stock to minimize their impact on the weight.
  • Make sure they don’t get missed. While these pieces should not be the same size as the main invitation, they should be large enough so they won’t be overlooked.

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