How to Plan for April Showers on Your Special Day

  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 |
  • Shower

Every couple wants a beautiful wedding day full of sunshine and blue skies. But the reality is not everyone has that picture perfect day. Yes, it can rain on your wedding day but it doesn't have to ruin it. The secret to a wonderful outdoor spring wedding regardless of the weather is to plan for the rain. Thoughtful preparation allows you and your guests to truly enjoy the experience no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Planning for the unexpected also relieves the anxiety and worry couples can have leading up to the day. Take control of your wedding and prepare for those April showers.

Here are some ways to plan for rain on your wedding day:

Be prepared with fashionable gear
Make sure your guests and wedding party have the right equipment to weather the storm.  Keep on hand umbrellas (borrowed or new) and other gear helping your guests stay warm and comfortable all night long.  Also consider what you and your partner will need. You probably don’t want to be donning a huge rainbow umbrella all night; a classier all-black one may match your dress a little better!

Share your backup plan
While many couples take time to secure a change of venue for their outdoor event, they struggle with how to share their plan with guests. Think ahead and include a small card in your invitation providing people the information and directions they need should a move be necessary.  If bad weather looks imminent, you can also secure a bus or car service a few days before the wedding to transport guests from one place to another.

Think beyond rain
Rain is just one type of nuisance that can affect an outdoor wedding. While some couples do experience a downpour on their special day more often there are less significant weather conditions that play a factor in the comfort of their guests and wedding party.  Wind gusts can create unbearable outdoor conditions while knocking down decorations and table décor.  Small sprinkles can make dirt pathways muddy and messy. Preparation for these minor troubles can eliminate their impact on your day.

Consider your photos too
Many couples love to have photos taken underneath a gorgeous tree or with a beautiful lake behind them but what if bad weather makes those photo ops impossible? It is just as important for your photographer to have a backup plan as it is for you. Visit the venue with them to decide the best spots for both outdoor shots and indoor pictures should the need arise.

Not sure on where to start?  Planning for inclement weather can be confusing and stressful especially for couples navigating it alone.  Partnering with an experienced professional such as Windermere ensures your special day is wonderful no matter what the weather brings. We have helped countless couples enjoy their picture-perfect outdoor wedding even with sprinkles in the background.  Learn more about the personalized wedding services we provide by visiting us here.