Honeymoon in the Caribbean – Antigua


If you are looking for a honeymoon destination that offers a little bit of everything, look no further than the stunning island of Antigua.  Antigua not only features nearly 365 beaches but also a plentitude of sightseeing spots to explore.  Whether you enjoy shopping for haute-couture fashion or hiking a million year-old reef formation, Antigua has something for everyone.

Best Time to Visit – Antigua can be a wonderful destination anytime of the year but the best time to visit is during the island’s off-season from May to December.  Rates are lower during this time and, although there is a slight probability of hurricanes, temperatures typically stay in the mid-80’s.

Peak Season – The peak season is December through April.  Rates may be more expensive but visitors will also enjoy bluer skies and less rain.  Crowds will also be heavier during these months.

Largest City – St. John’s, Antigua’s largest city, is located on the northwest section of the island.  With a population of nearly 82,000 residents, St John’s is a mecca for wonderful shopping, authentic dining, and acts as a financial hub for the Caribbean islands.

Best Sightseeing Spots – Antigua has wonderful sightseeing destinations for every type of couple.  For the sport enthusiasts, hike the Devil’s Bridge, a natural wonder of the island created from millions of years of reef formation.  Those who love to shop will enjoy the St. John’s Saturday Morning Market for a chance to experience the Antigua’s culture and engage with the locals.  History buffs will want to tour the largest sugar plantation on the island, Betty’s Hope.  Now a museum, this mill was built in 1674 and offers a spectacular view of Pares Village in St. John’s.

Best Romantic Spots – Antiqua’s beautiful natural backdrops create some of the most romantic settings in all of the Caribbean.  The four secluded Hawksbill beaches, which include Honeymoon Cove, offer a relaxed appeal away from the crowds.  Tourists also enjoy Half Moon Bay and Dickenson Bay.

Where to Stay – For the most luxurious night’s rest in all of Antigua, honeymooners book a night at the island’s top resort, Jumba Bay.  Located on the beautiful Long Island, this hotel features immaculate suites each with a four-poster bed and walk-around terrace.  Splurge on a private villa for your own pool and beach access.  Curtain Bluff and Carlisle Bay are two other good hotel options for those looking to enjoy an authentic Caribbean setting.  For the all-inclusive experience, rent a private bungalow at the beautiful Hermitage Bay.

Transportation – Car or taxi are the most popular transportation options for this island.  A car rental can be less expensive than using a taxi, but may be more difficult to navigate due to bumpy roads and easily-flooded hills that span across the island.  For island-to-island travel, opt for a LIAT charter plane or take a cruise or ferry.

If Antigua sounds like the perfect destination for your honeymoon, let Windermere Elegant Weddings help plan your trip.   We specialize in assisting couples in planning their romantic Caribbean vacation.  Whether you need suggestions on the best resorts or help booking your travel, our team can make your honeymoon dreams a reality.