Why is it so Hard for Women over 50 to Find Just the Right Dress for a Special Event?

  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 |
  • The Gown

First of all, most women are not 100% comfortable with their bodies anymore and hide behind their clothing. They wear baggy sweaters, mom jeans and/or frumpy clothing most of the time. When it does come time to find a dress for the wedding of their child, they panic and wind up wearing a long dress with a jacket. Here is a tip: THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!  Satin jacket with crepe dress or crepe jacket with satin dress – it is nearly a uniform of the wedding mother who just can’t find anything else.

Secondly, there is a double standard. We are told we can’t wear short dresses anymore no matter how great the legs, but designers consistently show strapless gowns for women who shouldn’t have worn them when they were 20 much less when they reach senior ‘citizenship’. Hardly fair is it?

Here are a few things to consider before you buy anything to wear to your adult child’s wedding:

Accessorize. Find a dress you love in your size, and forget about being perfect or looking like a supermodel. Make the most of a simple, elegant dress by accessorizing to the max! Great necklace and earrings, beaded scarf, or even a hat will draw the eyes to your face and away from the mid-section where you may be a little thicker than you used to be. A great pair of heels will also do a lot for your self-image.

Wrap it up. Consider a wrap dress if your tummy isn’t as flat as it used to be. A wrap (around) dress can hide 10-15 lbs easily. If the fabric is right and you accessorize properly, you will look stunning. Diane Von Furstenberg gave us the quintessential wrap dress in the 1970′s, and, depending on the fabric, it has evolved into a garment that can be worn for any occasion.

Who are you?  Don’t forget your personal style.  If you have always liked a certain type of dress, don’t shy away from it because you are older.  Underneath the laugh lines, next to the spandex lies the same woman who ran cross-country, captained the cheerleading squad, pledged a sorority, and later attended every PTA meeting.  You are what you are, and what you are needs no excuse.

Undergarments are everything. You don’t need to wear a girdle or a corset. You don’t need to wear extra tight super control top pantyhose.  But wearing the right panties and bra will make any gown look better.

I know how you feel. Every day someone tells you that you don’t look your age. In fact you don’t really feel your age. You walk confidently down the street in shorts in the summer. You play tennis, ride horses, swim, or run. You feel like you get better each and every day until you are confronted with that hideous mirror in the dressing room and the fluorescent lights! Let me tell you, those lights are lying. You are better! You don’t need a face lift, butt lift or liposuction. All you need is the right dress. Just ask Diane Carroll, Jane Fonda, Diana Keaton, or Tina Turner!

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