What Exactly Does a Day-Of Coordinator Do that I Can’t?


You should not have to worry about anything that day, especially who is late, what’s missing, or whether the next thing is on schedule. We also take notice of the fact that you do not necessarily want your mother, your friend, your Maid of Honor/Best Man, aunt or secretary to have to take care of all these details either. Hiring a planner takes worry completely off your mind.

We are often asked by potential clients, “Can’t I just find everything I need online?” Christina Safford of Muse Events says, “Yes, you can. However, as we have all experienced, online searching can be extremely frustrating, and its results only produce a certain amount of success”. We know you are already juggling your work schedule, your social life, family, and now you are trying to find time to plan an event on top of it all. You can sneak in a half an hour at work, or spend the next 6 months of your lunch hour on planning. But is it really worth it?

Event planning is very time consuming. The “To Do” list is never ending. Find a venue. Send invitations. Manage responses. Create a theme. Secure special permits. Juggle phone calls. Find and book vendors. Negotiate contracts. The list goes on and on and on. The more you have to research, the more time you commit to the planning process. After all that effort you will find out that 30% of the vendors out there do not advertise at all, vendors do not post prices on their websites, and venues want you to come out and see their location to give you a quote. We have all of that information at our fingertips and can help narrow down your search from hundreds of vendors to two or three that fit your price range and personality.

The most important aspect of what a coordinator does, in our minds, is to foresee all the potential pitfalls that come with events and to take care of these things before they become an issue. You, as a bride or an event planner, are not expected to know all the things that typically go wrong during events. A planner is hopefully experienced enough to not only know what these things are, but to take care of them long before they become issues.

Something to think about…

• What was the most memorable event you’ve ever attended?


• Can you recall an event when something went wrong?

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