Don’t Make Mom Do It!

  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 |
  • Bride

A Bite of Wedding Advice....
By Christina Safford, Muse Events

Your mother raised you, loved you, and is now watching you leave the nest. Her emotions are such that she would give you anything you asked within her power and ability. She’s probably been where you are at before and knows from experience the challenges that come with the planning of a wedding. She also wants the very, very best for you. So, when you come to her and ask her to manage this or that on your wedding day, she will probably say yes.

But, in all honesty, that is the last thing she wants! She wants to enjoy that big day. She wants to be happy, reminisce, see all the guests, and watch you. So think twice before you ask her to see to the details.

What do you do instead? Consider a day-of coordinator to manage all those details you so carefully organized. At least meet with one or two and see just what they offer.

Furthermore, to all the Moms out there, your answer doesn’t have to be yes. Tell your daughter you want to see her go through the day and that if you are worrying about whether enough food is out, or if the vendors have arrived, or if it is time to cut the cake, then you won’t get your chance to experience her being wed to the man of her dreams! If that doesn’t work, consider making a day-of coordinator a wedding gift so that you and your daughter/son can enjoy the big day worry-free.

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