Day of Wedding – Management

As your wedding day nears, the pressure builds. Don’t let all the responsibility and stress ruin what should be a special time for you. Windermere is here to help!


Our skilled wedding planning consultants step in to help just when you need it most. Respecting your vision and prior planning, we do what it takes to make your dream wedding day a reality.


Six weeks prior to your wedding, your wedding planning consultant begins to manage the important details for you. We support you and your vision by developing a plan with a detailed timeline, confirming details, setting appointments, and overseeing the process. On your big day, we are behind the scenes assuring that your day is well organized and everything is in place. Everything is handled properly and in a timely way, so you can relax and have fun knowing we’ve got it under control.


Call Denise Bonds at 847-309-9478 to learn more about our Day of Wedding Services.