Big or Small Wedding: How to Choose your Perfect-Sized Event


When couples begin the process of planning their nuptials, they often find themselves struggling with one very important question: How big or small do I want my wedding to be?  This big decision is often the first step in planning your perfect day and can set the stage for every other detail from the size of the budget to the venue selection.  It can also be a tough one to answer.

Here are some aspects to consider when making this big wedding decision:

A big gala may be right for you if...

  • You or your partner (or both!) come from large families which you want to invite
  • You don’t mind being the center of attention
  • You enjoy the festivities and excitement of big events
  • You have a flexible budget
  • You love the idea of having all your loved ones gathered together for one event

A small, intimate affair may be right for you if...

  • You have a shorter time frame to plan the event
  • You are having a destination wedding
  • Your dream venue has limited space for guests
  • You have a stricter or smaller budget
  • You prefer to spend time with each and every guest

What to Do If You Can’t Decide

If you find yourself struggling to decide, you may want to consider a compromise between the two.  Many couples choose to keep their ceremony intimate with a smaller guest list and then throwing a larger reception after. Or, if a destination wedding is more your style, you can host a grand gala after your return.  There are also ways to make a larger affair feel more intimate.  Table layouts, personalized décor, and ambient lighting are all wonderful ways to create the cozy feel of a smaller event.

Whether you are planning a wedding with 40 people or 400, trust the experience of Windermere Elegant Weddings to assist with every detail.  We have successfully assisted in every size wedding from small, intimate affairs to large, formal events.  Contact us today to learn more about our event planning services.