5 Etiquette Tips for a Vow Renewal Ceremony

A Married Couple Posing at the Ceremony Hall

Vow renewal ceremonies are becoming a popular option for married couples looking to recommit themselves to each other in the company of their loved ones. Whether you have been married 30 days or 30 years, planning this type of ceremony can be a wonderful way to reconfirm your relationship. While the reasons why a couple choose to renew their vows may vary, most want to ensure they follow the basic etiquette rules when planning this type of event.

Here are some tips for planning a memorable (and tasteful) vow renewal ceremony:

New Traditions
A vow renewal is a great opportunity to step away from the typical wedding customs and begin new traditions as a married couple. This may include exchanging new rings, custom vows, and an event that embodies the new family you have created.

Including Loved Ones
While many weddings include attendants, a vow renewal ceremony typically only includes the married couple and an officiant presiding over the ceremony. Of course, many choose to invite their past wedding attendants as guests and some may even want to incorporate any children into this special event.

Showers & Bachelorette Parties
Since you are already married, a traditional bridal shower and bachelorette party are unnecessary. The main ceremony and a reception following are the only two events in a traditional vow renewal.

Sending Invitations
If you are having a more formal event or a catered reception paper invitations which include a standard RSVP are often best. This not only helps you determine who will be attending but also allows your guests time to make travel arrangements.

The Gift of Love
A vow renewal is typically not an opportunity to register for or accept gifts. The gift of your guest’s presence at your ceremony is all that should be expected. You may want to make your request for no gifts known by including it on the invitation.

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