3 Planning Tips for a Stress-free Wedding Day

Bride and Groom Getting Married in a Church

Is wedding planning stressing you out? If so, you are not alone. Many couples feel overwhelmed by the process of coordinating such a large event. One of their biggest fears is having their day turn into a hurried mess as the scheduled events fall further and further behind schedule. Luckily there are steps you can take today to ensure a more enjoyable, stress-free day.

Here are three tips for keeping your wedding day stress-free and on time:

Planning Tip #1: Do a practice run of hair and makeup. One of the biggest mistakes brides make is not doing a practice run of their hair and makeup. You may feel silly walking out of a salon in full glitz on a random Wednesday afternoon, but it is ten times better than not feeling beautiful right before you walk down the aisle. Schedule an appointment with your stylist to ensure you will like what you see (and so will your spouse). You may also want to practice taking on and off your wedding gown and bustle. Ask the bridesmaid or loved one who will be helping you on the wedding day to practice alongside so you both feel comfortable with the task.

Planning Tip #2: Always allow enough wiggle room throughout the day. There are so many wonderful parts of wedding to think about and plan. From a morning brunch with the girls to the ceremony and reception. It’s your special day and you want to do it all. Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan there are only 24 hours in the day. It is important to allow enough wiggle room between each event to keep you on track. One of the worst things you can do is squeeze the schedule too tight. One event brides often don’t plan enough time for is photos. Make sure to schedule at least a 1 – 2 hr. block for your photographer to capture the memorable moments.

Planning Tip #3: Hire vendors with experience. Many couples try to cut costs by enlisting friends and family for wedding duties. You may have a cousin willing to run their iPod or a friend that has an eye for floral arrangements. While including others in your wedding can be wonderful, it can also add unnecessary stress to the day. If they are inexperienced with handling a large event or simply aren’t as skilled as you thought, their assistance may put both you and them in an awkward situation. Hire a professional vendor with experience in weddings to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

Hiring a professional wedding planner is one the best steps you can take to ensure your wedding is stress-free. For couples in the Chicago area, Windermere Elegant Weddings has been the trusted partner for their wedding and special event needs. Learn more about the many services we provide by visiting us here.