The History of Wedding Parties

Brides and grooms turn to their wedding party as both a source of emotional support and practical assistance during the weeks and days leading up to the big celebration. They are also often a very large part of the day itself. What many don’t realize is that the roles of today’s wedding party are deeply-rooted in the rich history of our very distant relatives. An Army of Groomsmen The history behind the groomsmen is quite the sordid tale. In centuries past, a groom’s friends would assist him in kidnapping the bride from her home. His “army” would act as lookouts and fend off the angry family as the man claimed the girl as his own. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition, the groomsmen were responsible for ensuring the safe travel of the bride. They would escort her to the ceremony making sure she arrived safely with her dowry intact. Always a Bridesmaid Long ago, the maid of honor was often referred to as a bridal attendant or senior maid. This close relative or loved one would assist the bride in tasks for the days leading up to the wedding. This included helping her prepare her gown and bridal wreath. All bridal attendants would assist in decorating for the wedding feast. For a period of time, bridesmaids often wore very similar dresses to the bride herself. This was done to fool any person who may try to harm the bride on her big day. The Role of Children Much like today’s weddings, children played a special role in weddings of the past. Flower girls first were enlisted as a way to entertain the wedding guests. She would flow down the aisle dropping flower petals to signify the couple’s beautiful future ahead. The ring bearer’s duties are very similar to the ones today. He would often hold the bride’s train, wore velvet shorts and jacket and would carry the wedding rings. Including those you cherish in your wedding party can be a wonderful way to honor your relationship while welcoming these time-honored traditions into your celebration. Windermere Event Planning can help you include these loved ones in your big day in a meaningful way. Contact our team today to learn more about our customized wedding services.