4 Smart Ideas for Seating Your Guests

Few things can be more stressful to a bride and groom than planning the reception seating for their guests. Whether it is a smaller affair or a large event, assigning a specific seat for guests not only helps the night go more smoothly but also ensures everyone has a spot designated specifically for them. Guests often prefer an assigned seating dinner as it saves from the anxiety of having to bumble around the room looking for an open chair. What makes the process so hard for those hosting is choosing how and where to seat them. Here are 4 ways smart brides approach the task of seating their wedding guests: Start Early – While you may not be certain on who is attending your reception until weeks before the event, you can still start planning your seating chart well in advance. You probably have some idea on how and where you want to seat guests. Start compiling these thoughts with a simple “rough draft.” This also gives you time to sit down with your parents to decide the best place to seat Great Aunt Gertrude.